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=\ My scanner randomly decided that it doesn’t turn on any more (again), so I couldn’t upload the picture I had planned to upload. I guess I’ll upload this instead. 🙂

This is the design on the front of a white custom T-shirt which I’ve ordered. 🙂 I’ve kinda wanted a custom shirt for quite a while but they’re too expensive (like $50 @.@ ); so when the opportunity came to get a discounted one for only $20 I figured sure why not. 🙂 (I also only own one other white t-shirt so it’d be cool to have another).

I guess as a shirt its not really something anyone would buy if they saw it in a shop, but all the pictures and symbols mean something to me personally so who cares. 😉
This design features pictures from the height of my pencil drawing career in 2008-2010, and a couple of the good ones from my ‘digital era’ this year. I wanted to have a shirt to be able to show off a little of what I draw without carrying any paper on me. 😉 Each picture is noted with its year of drawing nearby.
Behind the pictures are lyrics from some songs which have also been on my desktop wallpaper for quite a while now, all chosen because they’re nice songs and because they refer to or represent certain things/events/scenarios throughout the years of my life I’ve been drawing.
Blah blah blah and so forth. Heheh

It was actually pretty cool how it all came together. I just chose a few pictures and plonked them in a new picture and they happened to be quite symmetrical. They formed a nice kind of egg shape (which later became a shield) of grey with a splash of colour on each side (colours of orange, pink and red), and the picture sizes were pretty even. Actually even the years are symmetrical. xD

Oh well maybe this wont be a great update for you guys (especially since you’ve probably seen all these pictures before, lol) but it’s sure better than nothing right? 🙂

I hope the shirt arrives quickly. ^^

PS. Sorry for the late update. I had class from 8am until 3pm today (including a short test at 1pm), and then a test from 6pm to 7pm. What a long day to be at uni! >.< Oh well it wasn’t too bad I guess. And the tests weren’t super hard (though I realised a few mistakes I made afterwards =x ) so it’s okay.

Back with another one on Friday, look forward to it. 🙂