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This picture was commissioned by some guys after they saw the picture I drew for Megan Lee. 🙂 It was about time I drew something worthwhile again heheh.

This picture took me 6 hours 11 minutes of recorded drawing time spread over 4 days. That’s pretty good, though it doesn’t include the time I spent researching different ways that I could render “spiky hair” haha. It was easier because my brief largely consisted of “make it exactly like this photo, but with these few changes,” which meant that I could get away with taking the basic shapes for the poses and proportions by tracing. 😀
I also just used extra layers with varying opacities of black for the shading, which is simple, but effective. 🙂

Updated the picture because they wanted a few more changes after saying it was done. C’est la vie!
The middle guy’s skin tone got a tweak and I reverted the hair of the guy on the left to be what it was when I first drew it out lol (you’ll notice it went through three changes in the video).