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I went to a ‘FIRST’ robotics competition training boot-camp two days of these holidays. At the end of the second day we had a robot we had built from various parts that we got in a box. Ours had a catcher and an arm that hung out in front; designed to push and grab/lift the scoring rings, respectively.
My team-mate Lucy drew this (slightly unfinnished) sketch of our robot ‘Geoffrey Junior” (no I did not pick that name >.<; and yes you can click to make it bigger). Don’t ask me how it got that name, but it might have had something to do with the fact that I was the only guy sitting at my table (which also somehow lead to our team being called ‘Team Geoffrey’ -_-; )

For the mini competition that was held at the end of the two days we did fairly well. I was the driver for our team, and I must admit I was impressed at how well the stearing and driving handled. It was a beauty. The goals of the game were a little complicated, but basicly the best ways of scoring were to: get rings into the marked off areas (1 point per ring, about 25 rings of each teams colour on the field); get a ring on a spike located on top of a movable platform (20 points); get a ring on to one of the platforms (3 points per ring); and have the platforms on the map moved to your side of the field before the end of the match (5 points per platform on your side, 4 platforms possible). With all these rings and platforms dotted around a rather small playing field (which also had 3 other robots on it, two enemies and one ally) I found that this game was quite hectic, and so I didn’t really get much of a chance to try out the arm we had installed to get rings onto spikes. Instead I went for a much simpler option of getting all the platforms on our side of the middle line. That worked great, and we came quite close to the top of the ranking, however we didn’t qualify for the finals. A pity, but it was a lot of fun to play and being able to drive the thing my cool team had been designing and making was a great experience.

Time of writing: 10th of July. But I’ll make the post arrive while I’m in Australia next week.