Happy Cat is happy.

Hey there guys!
Here it is, finally, the new TRH site hosted graciously by my brother Tony Fendall (as you should be able to tell by the link in the url bar heh heh). This site is a big step for TRH because the layout and functionality of the site is now almost completely fluid. The first noticeable change that I made sure of is the size of the content area. It can now hold pictures that are wider than the old restriction of 450 pixels; which means it is wide enough to fit fully sized comic pages. 😀
At the moment I’ve set the limit to 700 or so pixels wide; but sometime it should be possible to make the content area resize itself to fit any image size.
Other things of note are the fact that it now shows only one post per page; the picture is now separated from the post text; and the previous/next buttons at the top and bottom of the picture for picture posts. 🙂

Please let me know if you find anything broken or wrong with the site, or even if you have a suggestion for a change, and we’ll see about fixing it up. I’m sure I’ve missed something/s.