Life isn’t always funny. If from nowhere else I remember that from Megatokyo.
I had a solemn feeling when I started the concept for this picture. I think it followed through well.
I think this picture is good by my standards. Took me quite a while too (more than one sitting).

Click for a large version.

Yay for timestamp editing. I uploaded this on the 27th, but told it to wait untill the 30th to post to let Emiko get some more light. 🙂

P.S. I almost forgot! Mark Crilley has really good videos on youtube. I’ve watched them all. I watched a bunch after doing the major outlines for this picture. His working style has influenced how I shade and do hair and stuff. And I feel that I’ve improved a lot since watching how he works.
He makes really nice videos. He doesn’t impose anything on the viewer, just draws and makes some points on tricks he’s learned from drawing for so long. Give it a whirl next time you have some spare time.