This is a sad flower I drew when I was sad today. It helped to relieve the sadness and turned out pretty good so I gave it the honour of a colour job and a depressing quote ala 🙂

Appart from that, I have started a new picture thats turning out pretty darn awesome so far. For it I’m going for a ‘shiney’ picture. Like the romantic scenes in a soppy anime where the girl suddenly has very shiney eyes, and hair. And the hair waves dramaticly and stuff. 😀
It is Emiko again, but with a slight edit to the hair. Now it has more of a side part than before.
Hoping to get that up for next week’s big picture.

Sorry for the late update! >.<;
Been a bit busy with other stuff than drawing (I know, terrible eh!). But Seminars are behind me so for the now I can do a bit more drawing hopefully.